Platform  Non  Existent  Music


HISTORY 2011-2017

During the international PNEM Sound Art Festival, soundart lovers were welcome to watch and listen to the music of tomorrow by the creators of today. The festival was held annually in November and located in Uden in the south of The Netherlands, close to the borders of Belgium (Eindhoven) and Germany (Nijmegen). The festival had the pretension te be an international platform for non-existent music, noise and sound installations, acoustic and electronic, performance and visual music made by today’s talent. We do not know what what will happen in the future, but for the time being there will be no new edition of the Platform Non Existent Music soundartfestival.


PNEM Sound Art Festival 2011

PNEM Sound Art Festival 2012

PNEM Sound Art Festival 2013

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PNEM Sound Art Festival 2015

PNEM Sound Art Festival 2016

PNEM Sound Art Festival 2017

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Platform  Non  Existent  Music

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