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During the international PNEM Sound Art Festival, you are welcome to watch and listen to the music of tomorrow by the creators of today. The festival is held every year in mid-November and located in Uden in the south of The Netherlands, close to the borders of Belgium (Eindhoven) and Germany (Nijmegen). The festival is an international platform of new experimental music, noise and sound installations, acoustic and electronic, performance and visual music made by today’s talent.

Open Call

Each year an open call for dedicated artists will be held from May 1 to July 31. Entries could include live performances and installations or presentations using audio and video. To maximize the number of live performances during the festival, we suggest the presentations should last no longer than 20 minutes. For spatial installations we have limited space available inside the building. Outside in the wooded area there is plenty of space  to realize location-based sound projects. There will also be organized the Woodwalk Experience, where the visitors walk through the forest dressed in autumn colors while listening to the submissions with mp3-player or smartphone and headphones.

Conditions & support

We can not support the participating artists in the costs they incur to participate in the festival, such as fees or travel expenses. During the festival however we take care for food and drinks and a great atmosphere to meet each other and share experiences.

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Pnemstraat 1a, 5406 XA Uden, Nederland

Tel: +31 610 583 647

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